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3 Layer Soft Shell
  • 1. Outer Fabric
  • 2. Mid-layer - TPU waterproof, breathable & windproof membrane
  • 3. Inner Fabric
  • 4. Breathable
  • 5. Windproof
  • 6. Waterproof
Soft Shell is the first choice outer layer when worn in cold, dry weather conditions and the perfect mid layer when worn with a waterproof outer garment. Incredibly versatile, wind and waterproof bonded fabric. Highly breathable, regulating body temperature by wicking body vapour away from the skin keeping the wearer warm and dry on the inside. Its high stretch properties provide ultimate comfort and freedom of movement essential in all physical activity.

Core Value

Budget range of simple, durable and comfortable garments.


3M Scotchlite Reflective Material

The Scotchlite™ reflective material incorporated on certain products greatly enhances your safety at night and in low visibility situations by creating an extremely bright image that motorists can see from a distance. This reflective material refracts light back to the source: for example vehicle headlights, consequently allowing motorists and pedestrians time to react. Scotchlite™ is a trademark of the 3M Company


Thinsulate™ Insulation

Thinsulate™ material provides excellent insulation from the cold without unnecessary weight or bulk. It is moisture repellent and breathable, so it controls the body’s heat and moisture, ensuring the wearer’s comfort at all time.


Always look for the garment care label and follow the washing instructions.

RESULT® garments are manufactured to ensure that when washed at the right temperature using a non-biological detergent & without fabric softner, your RESULT garment will stay looking its best time after time.

The wash symbol tells you the washing process & temperature to be followed:



· Use the correct amount of detergent relative to how dirty the garments are.

· Check garments regularly for marks or stains and remove as soon as possible.

· Once decorated, check with decoration supplier that wash temperature still applies.

Do not tumble dry RESULT® garments.

View the decoration guide by Magic Touch here .
View this document in printable PDF :

Decoration Process

RESULT® garments are designed to take decoration with hidden access points to allow for greater frame or platen purchase on outer fabric. Recommended decoration types are advised against each product.

Recommended decoration types have been tried independently and the recommendation given can be taken as an indication as to how the garment may perform.

Accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed so before use, the decorator must determine the suitability of the product for the decoration.

Printers in particular employ different techniques and use a variety of products so RESULT® does not take responsibility for third party decoration and always recommends testing before bulk decoration.

When garments can be printed onto any colour other than white, extreme caution must be observed. Due to the engineering of man-made materials, there is a high risk of colour migration through the ink film.

This may however be managed by experienced printers with the correct inks.

When suggesting digital transfers, customers are encouraged to seek advice from their digital media supplier, whether be it for full colour imagery or simple vinyl CAD cut transfers.

Contact RESULT® for further guidance.

For easy neutral or self-branding look for our tear away label:

For neutral branding look for our cut away label:

View the ISO:20471:2013 Info Sheet in printable PDF :
View the ISO:20471:2013 Clothing Combination Info Sheet in printable PDF :


All our measurements are “To Fit” sizes and not the size of the actual headwear itself. Please measure as follows:

Measure head circumferencence at the point indicted.